Why Would We Learn Fisheries Science ?

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One of the faculty member of The Department of Fisheries and Marine Science, Noakhali Science and Technology University named Mohammad Rakebul Islam who is currently working as a Ph.D. students in Griffith University,Australia. His research project on Population structure and Life history of Australian smelt (Retropinna semoni) revealed from genetics and otolith microchemistry analysis.

ভর্তিযুদ্ধ ২০১৭: মাৎস্য বিজ্ঞান কেন পড়বো

He gave his opinion about the need for Fisheries graduates and their prospect.

★★★What is the main goal of university education?

To generate a new idea, to create innovative things and research to solve the problem. It wouldn’t to get a good job.
One HSC can do everything in a bank, everyday same work, nothing new. Every subject has the different value.

★★★ What is the main objectives of Fisheries study?

> To involve the sustainable production of fish for future generations.
> To conserve fisheries resources from extinction.
> To generate an idea for more fish production to meet up protein demand like our malnutrition mother and babies.
> To search solution against different diseases of fish.
> To develop different culture technique for maximum production of fish to meet the high demand of protein.
> I would like to say every course has a different value from the different angle in the development of a society.
> On the top of that safe and security of food is important for the stable growth of a nation.
> To disseminate that knowledge in farmers level and serve the different stakeholder in the society for the betterment of a country is one of the main purposes.
These things should be done by our graduate.
If you would like to say a job in the fisheries sector.

Of course, still, there is a special quota for fisheries graduate in BCS. They can also do the other BCS Position, like Police, magistrate, economic cadre, post general master and other soon.
Secondly, Fisheries study makes you independent to become an entrepreneur like a fish farmer; fish hatchery and others. So that you can be self-dependent without any job.
Thirdly you can contribute yourself to conserve the environment through fish species conservation in the fresh and marine sector.
You can a do job in Bank sector also.
You can involve yourself in research sector like BFRI BWDB, IUCN, WORLD FISH organisation.
You can make position in different fish feed company in Bangladesh like ACI, NOURISH , SQUARE, CP FEED and aqua drug company.
You can higher study in foreign countries in different areas like environmental science, Fish genetics, food science, food nutrition, aquaculture, mariculture, oceanography etc.
Fish can be used as recreation purpose like Fish sea world, Live fish world .that’s would be good business and amusement for all ages specially children.

Last but not least, you can play with fish and serve the animal like you serve the nation from extinction.Without existence of animal in the world our life has no meaning.

That’s all. Best wishes for all fisheries graduate.

Thanks to all….

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