Bangladesh Fisheries Community – Digital Fisheries Platform


What is Bangladesh Fisheries Community?


  • A group of fisheries sector related people with common criteria to share our knowledge with each other.
  • Apps, social & web-based media where all fisheries students, teachers, Govt and Non-Govt, related to fisheries will be connected to this platform.


Why is it called Digital Fisheries Platform?


  • It is a connecting center of all fisheries students, teachers & fisheries related stakeholders.
  • It is a Apps, social & web-based media about fisheries sector.
  • To learn more about fisheries through this platform.
  • The Syllabus of fisheries of all universities is recorded on a website.
  • Make arrangements for live classes with any teacher’s research.
  • To arrange video classes on various important topics of fisheries.
  • Spread the knowledge of fisheries into the public.

Why are fisheries Important to Our Country?


  • Bangladesh’s fisheries represent almost 7% of the world’s inland fish
  • Around 60% of animal protein is supplied by fisheries items.
  • About 10% of the country’s total population is involved in this sector. Fisheries sector contributing 4.92% to GDP
  • Fisheries and aquaculture sector is the second largest export industry in Bangladesh and produces 2.5% of the global production of shrimp.


  • To reduce poverty
  • To create a source of employment in fisheries.
  • To form a resource for research.
  • The arrangement of training for rural women.
  • To develop integrated fish farming in our society
  • To develop fisheries from culture to industry level


Our Advisor

 Dr. Md Abdus Salam

Professor at Bangladesh Agricultural University

 Dr. Ali Reza Faruk

Professor at Bangladesh Agricultural University

 M Kabir Ahmed

Deputy Director at Department of Fisheries (BD)

 Mohammad Rakebul Islam

Assistant Professor at Noakhali Science and Technology University

 Bhakta Supratum Sarker 

Assistant Professor at Noakhali Science and Technology University




Sirajum Muniya                           – NSTU

Khairuzzaman Mridha Shakir      – BAU

Rifat jahan imu                            – NSTU

Meher Jemima                            – SAU

Srijon deepro paul                      – CU

M hasan hridoy                           – KU

Jubaida Parveen Juthy               – NSTU

Alif Layla Bablee                         – BAU

Jannatul Ferdouz Jerin               – NSTU

Porosh Moni                                – JSTU

Bilkis Jahan Panna                     – BSMRAU

Tanzila Akter Mouri                     – PSTU

Nazmus Anik                              – SAU

Rajib Hossain                             – DU

Kamruzzaman Mridha                -DCC


Our Group:        Bangladesh Fisheries Community 

Our Page:           Bangladesh Fisheries Community


Our Website:     www.BangladeshFisheriesCommunity.com



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